Advogato Diary: 1 Sep 2000


Found the time to look over the sources and found that in the current unstable is a bug... and that in the next unstable this bug is fixed and introduced another... no fun... hope i can fix this this weekend and release another unstable... Those people i asked for support, after they reported me a bug or something, don't move... still no Netscape Proxy Extended-2 Logfile-snippet there. The hacker who added graphics seemed to be not ready in beautifying the code... it's a long way to V3... *sigh*


I think that every company has customers that are ill reputed somewhere... as mediaWays presumable bought by Telefonica (link unchecked) next year, you cannot say, whose slave i'm going to be then. (note to self: buy a spanish dictonary).
My main reason to go to mediaWays is their location. I'm a Landei and i think that this won't change in my life... mediaWays is located between a small city (Verl) and a little bigger city (Gütersloh) but it is one of the leading companies in this sector in germany. And I could interest them in hiring me, so why should i say no?

I hope there is nice living, a good job for my girlfriend, and a little more time for a Open Source Projects...