Advogato Diary: 25 Sep 2000

It looks like the current beta-Version is stable, so i'm going to promote it in the next days.

I've started a new project over at Sourceforge: Cocalores is the Configurable caching logfile resolver, a small tool which runs fine for me, and should parse every kind of logfile with fixed fields as in Common Log oder Squid Native Log.

Without arguments it should work like Apaches logresolve, with arguments you can specify which field in the log should be lookuped, where it should cache and how long it should cache once lookuped data.

the other thing i want to do with Cocalores, is to test the abilities of Sourceforge.

Last weekend i met (after a long time) most members of our small IRC-Network including rince and Elrond. It was a nice weekend, without running computers and with cold beer. Thanks people ;-) Hope that we meet again soon.

the Monitor is now in a repair-shop... the tube is broken, hope they can build another one in ...