Advogato Diary: 4 Sep 2000


Fsck! they did it again... they cut off the whole village i live in from telephone service... (Last time is 9 months ago... it took 4 days before they started to work on the problem.) No Internet@$HOME since sunday afternoon... calling the service-hotline with the cell phone... after 30 minutes hanging on the phone listing an annoying melody and random disconnects i get an automatic 'sorry: this number cannot reached from your phone' WHAT? why could i call that number in the 30 minutes before without that message? Fsck. Switching over to the business hotline... after another 15 minutes hanging on the phone listening that annoying melody and random disconnects i finally reach someone and earn an 'i assign a technican for tuesday afternoon or so'. *hrmpf* this sucks. (note to self: sell the stocks of Deutsche Telekom ASAP)

Update: PRAISE THE LORD! I got someone who was able to tell me what's going wrong with the phone... and it is just 24 hours after i've called to tell them that something's broken. It looks like a cable is broken. I bet that it's broken at the same point as the last time (see above.)

tonight is the meeting of the LUG-OWL and i hopefully get there another computer for my net@$HOME. This brings the number of my computers up to five ;-). There are

  • an AMD386DX40 with 32MB RAM and 1GB Harddisk in a XT-case
  • an Intel486SX25 Laptop with 12MB and 100MB Harddisk
  • an AMD-Athlon500 with 64MB RAM and 8GB Harddisk
  • a Sun SPARCstation 1+ which doesn't work yet.

and those working run Debian.

The new one is a Sun Sparc 5 with monitor etc. I hope that i can find out whats wrong with the 1+ by plugging in the graphic card from the Sparc 5 in it... (the 1+ is headless.) stay tuned.