Advogato Diary: 5 Sep 2000


I can't believe it... they fixed it within 26 hours. As far as i can see, the cable was broken somewhere where they build a cycleway or something...

SPARCstation 5
I got it... i'm going to call it kurn as my other computers are named worf, alexander,
mogh and jadzia... it has 64MB RAM and a 1Gig harddisk and now there is Solaris 2.7 on it... let's see how long it takes that i wipe that out ;-)

SPARCstation 1+
I tried to use the graphiccard from the 5 on the 1+ but that doesn't seem to work... i think that i have to keep it to my friend Gerold and hope that he knows a way to hack that SunOS 4.1...