sendmail uses ident by default

I have no idea how the other major MTAs handle this, but sendmail seems to issue an ident-auth-request on each connect it gets.

As i think this is rather useless, as most hosts don't answer it, and, even if they would, the answer is easily fakeable, i switched it off.


define(`confTO_IDENT', `0')dnl

to /etc/mail/ disables this. Sadly this isn't documented, for confTO_IDENT it only states

The timeout waiting for a response to an IDENT query.

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addendum: 'Your Name' in the comments is right. ident is still of some use on multiuser-systems to the local admin. But in the field of Internet-mailservers it is useless.


thanks that I need to type my comment twice..

"the answer is easily fakeable"

just plain wrong. The answer is intended to be meaningful
to the admin of the system running identd only.