Calamaris (english)

parses logfiles from Squid, NetCache, Inktomi Traffic Server, Oops! proxy server, Novell Internet Caching System, Compaq Tasksmart or Netscape/iplanet Web Proxy Server and generates a report. Written in perl5.

Calamaris V2 (V2.59, V3-beta-version: V2.99.4.7)
  • Summary
  • Peak-usage report
  • Request-Method-report (ICP_QUERY, GET, HEAD, ...)
  • Status-report of incoming UDP-Requests
  • Status-report of incoming TCP-Requests
  • Status-report of outgoing Requests
  • Status-report of Neighbor-Caches
  • report about requested second- or third-level-domains
  • report about requested Top-Level-Domains
  • Protocol-report (http, gopher, ftp, ...)
  • report about requested Content-Types
  • report about requested file-extensionen
  • report of incoming UDP-requests per Host
  • report of incoming TCP-requests per Host
  • report of size-based Distribution of Objects
  • report about performance in defined timeranges.
  • report about the distribution of transaction-times (only V3-beta version)
  • report about the distribution of http-errorcodes (only V3-beta version)
  • extended report about file-extensions (only V3-beta version)
  • more information in the other reports (only V3-beta version)
Other features:
  • caching of the parsed data
  • HTML-Output and HTML-Frame-Output (only V3-beta version)
  • graphics (only V3-beta version)
  • command-line-options
  • configuration-file (only V3-beta version)
  • GNU General Public License
Calamaris V1 (V1.20)
old version of Calamaris. Use calamaris v2 instead. (Demo-report)