Browsercrash sucks - loosing work even more

Do you know this?

you write a brilliant entry for a blog, a blog-comment or something in a textarea-field in your browser.

after finished, you press the Send-Button, and ... the browser crashes, or nothing happens because Javacript or Cookies were disabled in your browser.

the result is, the brilliant text you just wrote by investing time has gone to bit-heaven.

Has anyone a solution for this, beside writing in a text-editor, pasting it over to the textarea, fighting against linebreaks and things?

I once tried Editus Externus a Firefox extension, but that one produces a lot of problems in the fight iso-8859-x vs. utf8, and the linewrap problem is also there.

So how can i make sure that the things i type in a textarea aren't lost, when my cookie expires, Javascript sucks or my Browser dies?



I'd suggest using [KG]lipper, and just C-a C-c after you finished typing.

Often I select the entire text and do "copy" before pressing the send button. Then if something goes wrong I can "paste" the valuable comments into a text file or elsewhere.

"It's All Text" works quite well for me with Firefox^WIceweasel.

(Hmm, as I know you as someone who likes to surf with Javasript, Flash, etc. turned off, how do you navigate e. g. to this page (javascript:openpopup(...)?)

For me, Session Manager seems to do the trick. Even killing Firefox after an submit, on redoing the last session, I until now got my text back. Since I use Session Manager, I even no longer hesitate to lauch bloody Java-infested pages, since my work in other windows or tabs is kept safe by SM.

YMMV, of course.

P.S.: Hu? A readable (and thus cut'n'pastable capcha -- which option is this in SPHPBLOG?