Today i kicked 560 Mailaddresses off ...

... because they are bouncing.

In my ongoing attempt to investigate and fix problems of our mailinglist-server, i found that we only had a working bounce-detection for lists starting debian-* minus debian-private and the three digest-lists.

So i rewrote some parts of the bounce detection:

We now have four categories of lists:


Debian Lists vs. Mail2News-Gateways

While analysing the pole setters in our internal bouncers-Hitlist i found that some of them run a mail2news-Gateway.

The problem is: our Mailinglists leave Mail-Headers mostly untouched, and so headers like X-Trace or X-Complaints-To are passed through without modifications.

If a mail containing those headers is handed over to inews (as in INN) it rejects it, and the bounce comes back to us:


Spamwaves on Lists or 'oops, i did it again'

Just a quick note:

while wading through the list-archives, drop-boxes and list-configuration to find false positives and possiblities to optimise our mailinglists spam level i accidently removed the inclusion of our spamfilters from most lists.

I appologise for this.

Luckily zobel discovered my error and fixed it at 14:30 CET.



I'm just wadeing through Debian-Mailinglists on the search for enhancements and false-positives.

and i just came over debian-security-announce, a lists that sends a helpful message back to submitters that aren't allowed to send out advisories.

That message didn't contain a Precedence-Header so i added one, and wondered which value would be appropriate... I remember to have seen three values: 'junk', 'bulk' and 'list' (the latter should be set for all our Mailinglists).


mutt: autoviewing text/html

it sometimes funny, i'm working with mutt since about 10 years, (the 5 years before i was using elm) and just found out how i can view pure text/html-Mails without fiddeling with piping and things.

set implicit_autoview

in .muttrc does the trick.

but now mutt also prefers the text/html-part of multipart/alternative-mails, this is going to far for me. i want the text/plain-part if available. mutt has also a solution here:

alternative_order text/plain text/html


Analysis of subscribed Domains on Debian-Listserver

From time to time we have the problem that a mail posted to a list triggers an autoresponse (vacation, bounce, tdma) from an unexpected source. Sometimes it isn't possible to identify the subscriber who is causing this. One example for this was "petsupermarket".

So i wrote a small tool, which takes Mailadresses as input and resolves the domains until it reaches IP-level, so it is possible to identify "related" addresses to such an incident.

I now ran this tool for all 38656 domainparts mailadresses that are currently subscribed to some list at our listservers:


Xlib: Maximum number of clients reached

Every two weeks i get this:

$ xterm &
Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
Xlib: Maximum number of clients reached
xterm Xt error: Can't open display: :0.0

and it looks that something eats up the possible number of Clients:

$ xlsclients |wc -l

when i restart X i can open about 100 xterms until i reach the error message.



Packaging Simple PHP Blog postponed

We found out that Simple PHP Blog, the software that is used for this Blog, can't be packaged for Debian at the moment, because the License looks like this:

The Simple PHP Blog is released under the GNU Public License.

You are free to use and modify the Simple PHP Blog. All changes must be uploaded to under Simple PHP Blog.

Credit must be give to the original author and the Simple PHP Blog logo graphic must appear on the site and link to the project on


Browsercrash sucks - loosing work even more

Do you know this?

you write a brilliant entry for a blog, a blog-comment or something in a textarea-field in your browser.

after finished, you press the Send-Button, and ... the browser crashes, or nothing happens because Javacript or Cookies were disabled in your browser.

the result is, the brilliant text you just wrote by investing time has gone to bit-heaven.

Has anyone a solution for this, beside writing in a text-editor, pasting it over to the textarea, fighting against linebreaks and things?



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