Packaging Simple PHP Blog postponed

We found out that Simple PHP Blog, the software that is used for this Blog, can't be packaged for Debian at the moment, because the License looks like this:

The Simple PHP Blog is released under the GNU Public License.

You are free to use and modify the Simple PHP Blog. All changes must be uploaded to under Simple PHP Blog.

Credit must be give to the original author and the Simple PHP Blog logo graphic must appear on the site and link to the project on

So problems are (as far as i understand):

  • the GPL isn't referred to correctly (also the GPL isn't included in the source distribution)
  • Upstream wants all changes uploaded again on sourceforge, and doesn't mention what is about redistribution of modified code.
  • Upstream denies the specific modification of removing the Logo and the Link to Sourceforge.

So i tried to explain this politely to Upstream, I hope he honors my request, as i really like this piece of software and want to see it in Debian.



GNU Public License? I don't know of that one.... maybe they mean the GNU GPL - General Public License.