das N810 ist da

ich schreib ja schon hier das ich an dem Entwicklerprogramm von Nokia für das n810 teilnehme.

Heute vormittag habe ich nun das Gerät als letzter der Kollegen erhalten.

Das Gerät selber ist interessant, und durchaus beeindruckend, diverse Härtetests wie Geocaching, Routing, oder externes Hirn stehen aber noch aus. Derzeit bin ich noch damit beschäftigt mich wohnlich einzurichten, VPNs zu basteln, und so weiter. Dazu später in anderen Blogeinträgen mehr.

Spamwaves on Lists or 'oops, i did it again'

Just a quick note:

while wading through the list-archives, drop-boxes and list-configuration to find false positives and possiblities to optimise our mailinglists spam level i accidently removed the inclusion of our spamfilters from most lists.

I appologise for this.

Luckily zobel discovered my error and fixed it at 14:30 CET.



I'm just wadeing through Debian-Mailinglists on the search for enhancements and false-positives.

and i just came over debian-security-announce, a lists that sends a helpful message back to submitters that aren't allowed to send out advisories.

That message didn't contain a Precedence-Header so i added one, and wondered which value would be appropriate... I remember to have seen three values: 'junk', 'bulk' and 'list' (the latter should be set for all our Mailinglists).


Scratchbox: You must close your other scratchbox sessions first

after playing around a little bit with maemo inside scratchbox, i managed to break the packetsystem beyond repair... so i wanted to start again, but the told me:

E: You must close your other scratchbox sessions first

so... where to go from here? knows it:

sb-conf killall

are the magic words. lets start again.

Scratchbox: Inconsistency detected by

As i blogged before i'm going to be the happy (?) owner of a Nokia N810. On this device runs a Linux with a special distribution and there is also a Development SDK, which can be run on ia32-machines.

This SDK relies on Scratchbox, so i just downloaded and tried to install it. This works smoothly, they provide a shellscript, which downloads all needed components and feeds them to dpkg.

But, when i try to start Scratchbox i get


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