Blog established

I sometimes find myself in a state that needs to write out what i feel or mean to a topic. So i decided to establish an own blog. And here it is.

I read for some time the Blogs of my friends and cow-orkers corona and wusel and both decided to use this nice Blogsoftware called Simple PHP Blog. It is very featureful, but the deciding thing is, that it doesn't need a Database running in the Background.

Advogato Diary: 13 Dec 2000

ok... i tried to write before, but my Netscape shit itself and i don't wanted to start over again... ok, now i try lynx and here we go:

i'm happy that i found a new home yesterday. Now the stress starts... moving... buying furniture, install infrastructure ...

after a long time thinking about it, i've now applied to become a Debian Maintainer... stay tuned.

Advogato Diary: 3 Nov 2000

hmmm... long time not here. ok. what's on:

Calamaris is now stable on V2.40. I've asked on the announcement-Mailinglist if i should move development to Sourceforge, but no response :-/

The Master of Monitors found a bug, fixed it and it worked... for a few hours... then something else broke... not heared about it... going to bug him next week again.

Advogato Diary: 25 Sep 2000

It looks like the current beta-Version is stable, so i'm going to promote it in the next days.

I've started a new project over at Sourceforge: Cocalores is the Configurable caching logfile resolver, a small tool which runs fine for me, and should parse every kind of logfile with fixed fields as in Common Log oder Squid Native Log.

Advogato Diary: 15 Sep 2000

Build another beta of Calamaris and fixed parsing of Extended LogFileFormat for use with the Novell Internet Caching Service and its relatives.

SPARCstation 5
So, that Solaris could hold its position for ca. 2 more hours and than i installed Debian GNU/Linux. While transporting that monster to my car the monitor fell off my waggon... now it's broken :-( Pissed for that weekend. Now it's getting slowly better... *sigh*

Advogato Diary: 5 Sep 2000


I can't believe it... they fixed it within 26 hours. As far as i can see, the cable was broken somewhere where they build a cycleway or something...

SPARCstation 5
I got it... i'm going to call it kurn as my other computers are named worf, alexander,
mogh and jadzia... it has 64MB RAM and a 1Gig harddisk and now there is Solaris 2.7 on it... let's see how long it takes that i wipe that out ;-)


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