Eurovision Song Contest - Quo Vadis?

Zu den diffusen Ankündigungen von Änderungen im System des ESC und Verschwörungstheorien bezüglich der Balkan-, Skandinavier-, Sowjet-, oder Baltikum-connection ist wohl erstmal festzustellen:

offenbar sind die grossen Vier, oder allgemeiner die so genannten westlich orientierten Teilnehmer nicht in der Lage einen Künstler zu entsenden, der auch den Nerv der 'Ost'-Länder trifft. Roger Cicero hat von den zahlenden Vier noch am besten abgeschnitten, Spanien, Großbritannien und Frankreich landeten noch dahinter.

Browsercrash sucks - loosing work even more

Do you know this?

you write a brilliant entry for a blog, a blog-comment or something in a textarea-field in your browser.

after finished, you press the Send-Button, and ... the browser crashes, or nothing happens because Javacript or Cookies were disabled in your browser.

the result is, the brilliant text you just wrote by investing time has gone to bit-heaven.

Has anyone a solution for this, beside writing in a text-editor, pasting it over to the textarea, fighting against linebreaks and things?


Debian Weekly News is late? - Blame listmasters!


We were notified that German DWN, and the Original DWN weren't sent out. Investigation showed that Diplomats (in German translation Diplomaten) matched the bad word 'Diploma', so it is dropped in our spambox.

I resent German DWN yesterday and the Original DWN some minutes ago.

sorry for the inconvinience.

Blog established

I sometimes find myself in a state that needs to write out what i feel or mean to a topic. So i decided to establish an own blog. And here it is.

I read for some time the Blogs of my friends and cow-orkers corona and wusel and both decided to use this nice Blogsoftware called Simple PHP Blog. It is very featureful, but the deciding thing is, that it doesn't need a Database running in the Background.


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