Scratchbox: Inconsistency detected by

As i blogged before i'm going to be the happy (?) owner of a Nokia N810. On this device runs a Linux with a special distribution and there is also a Development SDK, which can be run on ia32-machines.

This SDK relies on Scratchbox, so i just downloaded and tried to install it. This works smoothly, they provide a shellscript, which downloads all needed components and feeds them to dpkg.

But, when i try to start Scratchbox i get

mutt: autoviewing text/html

it sometimes funny, i'm working with mutt since about 10 years, (the 5 years before i was using elm) and just found out how i can view pure text/html-Mails without fiddeling with piping and things.

set implicit_autoview

in .muttrc does the trick.

but now mutt also prefers the text/html-part of multipart/alternative-mails, this is going to far for me. i want the text/plain-part if available. mutt has also a solution here:

alternative_order text/plain text/html


sendmail uses ident by default

I have no idea how the other major MTAs handle this, but sendmail seems to issue an ident-auth-request on each connect it gets.

As i think this is rather useless, as most hosts don't answer it, and, even if they would, the answer is easily fakeable, i switched it off.


define(`confTO_IDENT', `0')dnl

to /etc/mail/ disables this. Sadly this isn't documented, for confTO_IDENT it only states

Analysis of subscribed Domains on Debian-Listserver

From time to time we have the problem that a mail posted to a list triggers an autoresponse (vacation, bounce, tdma) from an unexpected source. Sometimes it isn't possible to identify the subscriber who is causing this. One example for this was "petsupermarket".

So i wrote a small tool, which takes Mailadresses as input and resolves the domains until it reaches IP-level, so it is possible to identify "related" addresses to such an incident.

I now ran this tool for all 38656 domainparts mailadresses that are currently subscribed to some list at our listservers:


Die Fussballergebnisse vom Wochenende (31.8.-2.9.07)

Schalke 04 - Bayer Leverkusen 1:1
MSV Duisburg - Arminia Bielefeld 3:0
SC Paderborn - FCE Aue 0:1
VfB Luebeck - SC Verl 0:3
FC Guetersloh 2000 - Sf Oestrich 5:1
Falke Gelsenkirchen spielfrei
SV Westfalia Schalke - SC Schaffrath 2 2:4
SV Westfalia Schalke II - AS G'kirchen II 2:18
SV Avenwedde G2 - FC Kaunitz G Kaunitz nicht angetreten.


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