Bastard User From Hell #4

It was thursday. I had to be in the lab. Not that I wanted to, but some professors tell us (the students) we HAVE to use the school computer. Something about funding, I guess.

Some one has been trying to call the operator for about two hours. He has been swearing up a blue streak.

Me, I just finish the stuff the professor wants (yes on my user id) the professor wants it that way.

Once I am done with that I get into another account (it pays to read e-mail). Some people know nothing of comm security.

The program I am working on now does the following. Goes and changes the users password. Then it greps the password file for similar encrypted words. Then dumps the results to another file on a dummy account.

Dummy account, Yeah, I had a talk with the secratary of one of the departments. She says that she would do anything to get even with the BOFH.

So I got into her computer remotely and found the purity test answers. Now she will and does do everything I need, qilling or not. (Interesting answers, she is so conservative, who would have guessed that she preferred.......)

When you are the Bastard User From Hell you don't do thing. You get others to do it for you.

Back to the program I am running.

See what you get for reading magazines. I got a list of the 100 most popular passwords. Well, I just had to try it out.

The guy how has been trying for two hours finally gets in. Then he goes over and does something on the terminal.


The BOFH must have told him to do use rm for something else. More disk space for me.

Some guy wants a printout. The BOFH comes back with one of the crappiest printouts I have seen. Man, what did he do to that one?

Alright, the program I put in has got me at least 32 more accounts. There is going to be no problem of computer time now. And the program is only half through.

That guy is still talking to the BOFH.

He gives him his disketts... SUCKER are you done for now.

Later I see him walking out with the diskettes over his head. I do not even want to know.

The program ends. I have 53 new user id and password I can use. Great.. that consulting work I am doing on the side will get done and I won't have to buy a new computer.

Being the Bastard User From Hell means never running out of accessible userids.

Author: John W. Fox
HTML: Cord Beermann