Bastard User From Hell #5

Its friday. The BOFH has not been in all morning.

How do I know... well the computer is running fine for one thing.

The other is that I paid a freshmen to watch the door while he does his homework. When the BOFH comes in he will let me know.

There is someone here who has been trying to get ahold of him all morning.

Me.... I am getting into the accademic records and updating my GPA to a 4.0. Than crypto program I was running worked just fine. And I did not even have to goto class (except the first day) Dam, am I good or am I good.

Being the Bastard User From Hell means always getting good grades.

The freshmen come in. The BOFH is in to create havoac.

What? Another guy is on the phone and he is yelling at the BOFH. This should be fun.

Me.. I am finishing up that program for the consulting job I have. One has to make a living. The job allows me access to the companies computer remotely. But if I do it part time on the school computer I do not have to pay the modem bill.

Let me tell you about purchase requests and userid. You can buy all sorts of stuff when your company NEEDS it. Why just the other day they needed a new 2GB hard drive. Lifes rough. See it like if you are good you use someone's userid on the computer to do all you nasty work. Then when the brown stuff hit the horizontal wind pusher you look really good because your userid just shows pure work like a good little corporate slave.

Oh... the guy tell the BOFH his user id. This should be good.


Guess he lost his files. It was not even me. Gee I feel cheated.

Tin fool, magnets, pillow cases. I don't even want to guess.

Hey.. I found that guys account. Two files. Well, lets just run that tracking program for the password file.

Yeah there it is. Now just run that puppy through the unencryption program....... presto a password.

When your hot, your hot.

Being the BASTARD USER FROM HELL means always get more computer time, free.

See what happens when you work for a firm that does encryption stuff. You find out how they do that kind of thing. Then you come back to the computer and figure out what the algorithm is that the school computer uses and you are in like flint.

It is nice to have power at your fingertips.

Author: John W. Fox
HTML: Cord Beermann